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We work with companies just like you that are facing unpredictable networks, soaring IT costs and are thinking about outsourcing their network support. Most of the companies we work with used to have issues like:

o Network issues, who owns the problem?
o Staff wearing the Help-Desk hat
o Management involvement on network issues
o No budget for dedicated resource
o No dedicated budget for IT
o No advance notice of issues

We help you analyze the benefits and cost savings of moving into a managed network support model.

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  • I was having issues getting my computer to start and run properly. I was able to ask for support from my home while I was guided through ways to fix my computer. It now works great and I saved soo much money.
  • I must say I am pleased with the way my project turned out. You guys should be proud too! I am very happy with the outcome...
  • I am very happy with my improved computer! It is much faster than its ever been!