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AskSupportNow Basic Package

Level 2
Monitoring plus Preventative. Maintenance on Core Network Devices. A mid-level, proactive services program designed to predict and prevent network failures through a combination of activities.


o Preventative Maintenance on Key Network Elements

o Availability and Performance monitoring on key NETWORK

o Backup System Monitoring & Management

o Virus Protection Monitoring & Maintenance

o Patch-level management

o Email performance monitoring

o Combination of scheduled on-site and remote proactive service through a series of preventative monthly checklist of activities

o Optional Block Service arrangements at a discounted rate for reactive or emergency support

o Higher priority in the service queue (over non-contract customers and Prime Support customers)

o Network Health Assessment

o Quarterly Reporting

o IT Consulting Services

o Best effort resolution

o Other Services (at an additional charge)

o Desktop Module

o Printer Module

o Storage Module

o Security


o Peace of mind: A staff of experienced, skilled resources will be ‘watching’ the network & dealing with network issues as they arise, allowing you to focus on your own core business, revenue-generating activities

o Dramatic reduction in the number of emergency incidents that can negatively impact and affect the success of the customer’s business

o Higher Employee Productivity through the reduction in the number and duration of IT failures as a direct result of the monthly preventative maintenance activities

o Stabilization and rationalization of the customer’s IT spending to provide higher levels of cost predictability

o Access to a wealth of IT expertise and experience

o More cost effective to outsource than to setup in-house and maintain

o Better overall customer service experience – higher call priority in the service queue and a faster response rate