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AskSupportNow Free Package

Level 1 Support
Entry-level program Designed to monitor & report on the critical health status of YOUR Core Network Device & applications, such as email or their internet connection.


o Availability monitoring on Core Network

Device (does not included desktops)

o Backup system monitoring

o Virus protection monitoring

o Internet connectivity assessment

o Firewall availability monitoring

o Block Service at a discounted rate for reactive work performed

o Priority in the service queue (over non- contract customers) – Priority Ranking #3

o Quarterly incident reporting to review < the current health status of your network

o Annual consulting services to help budget and plan for future IT expenditures and growth


Benefits o Peace of mind: A staff of experienced, skilled resources will be ‘watching’ the network & dealing with network issues as they arise, allowing you to focus on your own core business, revenue-generating activities

o Higher Levels of Employee Productivity: by ‘watching’ the network & responding immediately to network issues as they arise will serve to reduce the business impact of any IT failure by reducing the mean time to incident resolution, thus resulting in increased productivity levels

o Cost Savings: monitoring the customer’s network will allow for quick determine the root cause of any network issue, thereby reducing the timely task of issue diagnosis from hours to minutes – resulting in substantial cost savings

o Introducing Accountability and Transparency of any ISP & other hosted applications: monitoring for the availability of the customer’s internet connection to provide reporting to the customer of the actual delivery of such services that the customer is paying for

o Cost Savings on Reactive and Emergency service calls through Discounted Service Blocks

o Improved Customer Service Experience through higher call priority over non- contract customers