Is Instantaneous Support Possible?

Responsive: Our commitment and promise to respond to customer requests within 15 minutes makes our service a true asset to your service offering...

Reactive: Our team is monitoring your site closely all day long. We update daily when there is or is not action to be taken. We watch during the day for threats to surface. We are on top of your networks!

Proactive: A word thrown around so often that can lose the impact of its meaning. We provide a truly proactive service offering with weekly reports, daily monitoring and auto-remediation. Reestablish the meaning of the word proactive.

Security and Help Desk

Security and Regulatory ComplianceIs your network safe? How would you answer these questions?

o How confidential do you consider information on your internal network? If you were to rate the information on a scale from one to ten, with ten being the most confidential, what number would you rate your information? Rating between 1 and 10 (10 being corporate critical, loss or corruption would cause critical business failure).

o Have you ever conducted any security related audits on your network? Examples of auditing type work are attack and penetration testing, and internal security threat and vulnerability assessments.

o Does your company presently have a Security Policy, or an Internet Usage Policy? If so, has it been signed and agreed upon by your employees? Examples of auditing type work are attack and penetration testing, and internal security threat and vulnerability assessments.

o Inappropriately configured or legacy security tools can have a large impact on the performance of your network. In any solution chosen, how important on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most important is performance? Rating between 1 and 10 (10 being your organization requires as the highest levels of performance.

o Certain Multimedia applications can stress your available bandwidth, and cause a Quality of Service (QoS) breakdown. Is your organization interested in tools that will help you prioritize bandwidth, so that line utilization is optimized?

o In any security solution chosen, is your organization interested in redundancy? Redundancy can occur in many ways, from having a replacement solution waiting in “cold” or offline standby, to having a solution that will failover instantaneously, with no apparent change to availability or quality of service

o Are you planning to install, or do you currently have, any web accessible servers, such as a web, mail, or DNS server?

Let us help secure your Network with a Network Assessment. Then let us monitor your network to make sure your policies are enforced.

24/7 Help Desk SupportSome of our customers work round-the-clock. If failure happens in the middle of the night, AskSupportNow has you covered with a 24/7 Help Desk that offers remote support, troubleshooting and remote configurations.