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AskSupportNow Pro Package

Level 3
The highest level, most elite program that a customers can join. A fixed-fee program that is considered ‘all inclusive’ and is priced on a per-user basis. Incorporates all aspects of the customer’s network, including the desktops.

About Features

o Availability & Performance monitoring all network devices and desktops

o Highest priority in the service queue

o Proactive, scheduled network support & maintenance to support all critical devices & workstations

o Unlimited reactive, scheduled network support

o Unlimited emergency, unscheduled network support

o Unlimited reactive end-user support

o Initial assessment

o Interviews & workflow analysis

o Network mapping and documentation

o Initial Baselining project

o Automated patch management

o License Management

o Asset tracking & management

o Security services

o Warranty labor

o MACs and minor project work

o Outsourced CIO activities and consulting

o Reporting


o Peace of Mind – a staff of experienced, highly skilled resources will oversee the management and maintenance of the over network infrastructure, allowing the customer to focus on their core revenue-generating activities

o Unprecedented employee, end-user service support through the incorporation of unlimited helpdesk support (remote & onsite)

o Virtual elimination of emergency service calls due to unlimited preventative maintenance on all critical devices, thereby ensuring the highest levels of employee and organizational productivity

o Stabilization and rationalization of the customer’s IT spending to provide the highest levels of cost predictability due to the fixed price cost structure

o Highest call priority and response rate over all other programs when an issue does occur

o Access to a wealth of IT expertise and experience

o More cost effective and efficient than setting up and maintaining internal IT staff